Anonymous asked: But atla started in 2005... That's impossible other anon.


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Anonymous asked: What age did you start watching Avatar? I'm 17 but I started when I was like 5? So I've been watching for 12 years! ^.^

I didn’t watch Avatar until late 2011, when I marathon’ed AtLA during my winter break. I don’t know why I was so reluctant to watch it before but I’m glad I did. Plus, I only had to wait a few months for LoK to begin! image

EDIT: I think you meant 8 since AtLA came out 9 years ago??

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Anonymous asked: how old would be too old? (breaks into sound of music verse) ♬ I am 26 going on 27....♬ :3

You’re never too old to enjoy LoK! One of the things I love about this show is that it features protagonists of a variety of ages. You have young kids like Meelo fighting along side adults in their late 50’s or 60’s like Bumi!

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Anonymous asked: We have the same name! That doesn't ever happen to me. :) I'm about to turn 22 if that helps?

Yay, name buddies! :)

And omg like 90% of people who’ve responded to me are 22 or turning image

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forreal tho, like what do they mean by “destroy” korra? like kill her? or raava? or both? like


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thearmada4231 asked: Oops I'm scrolling through your blog and practically reblogging everything. Sorry for the notification spam xD

don’t apologize! i feel honored image

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Anonymous asked: i'm 18... does that count as an adult yet or

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Anonymous asked: Can I call you guru since your the oldest person in the fandom that I've met pls

the oldest person in the fandom that I’ve met


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being a 21+ year old in a fandom full of preteens and teens image

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being the third wheel


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I love how Avatar fans think that just because the Gaang were super cool kids that that means they’d be the greatest parents.

One kid didn’t grow up with parents and all his parental figures were killed in a genocide when he was 12.


Two siblings lost their mother as children (one met her mother’s killer) and had a father who was always away.


Another kid had her parents smother her and control every little thing she did until she ran away from home.


And the next kid lost his mother at a young age and had a father who hated him and gave him a life long burn scar on his face.


Are we really thinking these kids are gonna be the BEST parents?

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i feel like you can determine their personalities based on the way they approach their father.

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reading the first question on a test

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if aang had seen that dude sporting a bison cape he would have been launched into the stratosphere in less than .0006 seconds

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